Canada's COVID-19 Update

Government’s Response

The Government of Canada has created the infrastructure to respond to the public health threats of COVID-19. The Public Health Agency of Canada is actively monitoring the situation, with the focus on containing the outbreak and preventing further spread of the virus.


Reopening Plans


Ontario is currently in stage one of their reopening which began May 19th. Certain retail stores, outdoor recreation facilities, and health care services have been relaunched. Stage two of reopening is TBD, which will allow more workplaces to reopen and larger public gatherings.


Quebec’s gradual reopening doesn’t have defined phases, but reopens on a sector-by-sector basis, which began May 4. Select retail businesses, manufacturing enterprises, constructions sectors and schools have reopened. Greater Montreal is on a more gradual schedule due to higher case numbers. Dental services and therapeutic care businesses as well as libraries and performance halls will be next to in the sector-by-sector reopening’s.

British Columbia

British Columbia is currently in stage two of their restart plan as of May 19. Health services, retailers, restaurants, and office-based worksites are among the establishments reopened. The province is set to begin phase three from June to September, where hotels, parks, entertainment facilities, and schools will reopen.


As of May 14, Alberta has begun stage one of reopening. Retail businesses, restaurants, scheduled surgeries, and daycares have been relaunched. Calgary and Brooks are on a more gradual schedule due to higher case numbers. Stage two’s timing is TBD, where more services by health disciplines, personal services, and larger gatherings will be permitted.


Manitoba is currently in phase one of reopening. Retailers, restaurants, health care services, and outdoor recreation sites have reopened with social distancing measures in place. The province will being phase two no earlier than June 1. This phase will relaunch dine-in restaurants, sports activities, fitness centers, and film productions.


Saskatchewan is currently in phase two of reopening, as of May 19th. Retail businesses, shopping malls, personal care services, and public markets have reopened. The timing of phase three is to be determined, where they will allow dine-in restaurants, gyms, licensed establishments, and daycares to reopen.



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