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Cross-Border Vaccine Mandates

Now in Effect

February, 10, 2022

Current Border-Crossing Blockades, Feb 14th

Cross-Border Trade: Canadian-U.S. Vaccine Mandates Are Now in Effect

In January, 2022 both the Canadian and U.S. governments implemented vaccine mandates applying to all truck drivers crossing the border. The Canadian mandate requires any unvaccinated or partially-vaccinated Canadian, to quarantine and undergo testing after crossing the border into Canada. Any non-Canadian will be turned away if they are unable to provide proof or immunization or a valid medical exemption.

Neither government has shown signs of reconsidering the enforcement of this mandate.

Current Border Crossing Blockades as of February 16th, 2022:

The CBSA has announced that operations have resumed at the borders connecting the U.S. and Canada. how continue to be blocked by protesters who have been demanding an end to vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers, in addition to the lifting of other public health restrictions related to COVID-19.

  • Emerson, Manitoba – REOPENED
  • Coutts, Alberta – REOPENED
  • Ambassador Bridge – REOPENED

The cross-border disruptions have negatively impacted supply chains, local businesses and manufacturing operations across Canada. Due to these events, there continues to be delays for all northbound & southbound shipments. Transit times remain very unpredictable at this time and it is uncertain when the environment will stabilize.

Frontier’s cross-border line haul team will continue to adjust schedules and ports of entry to ensure we provide the best service possible under difficult circumstances.

Frontier's Cross-Border Fleet

Frontier utilizes its own trucks and drivers for all northbound and southbound linehaul consolidations to and from Canada. Please be aware that this mandate will not affect Frontier’s customers as all of our drivers are fully vaccinated.  

Frontier and our partners are prepared to help companies and continue to ship across the American-Canadian border with minimal interruption.

Worried About Supply Chain Interruptions?

Further Information

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