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Customs Clearance​.

Frontier has an experienced team of brokers who will properly complete the customs clearance process for non-resident importers (NRI). 

Importing goods across the U.S.-Canada border can be an intimidating experience. For example, importers are expected to properly classify each good and ensure the proper documentation is accompanied. Additionally, it is important to stay up-to-date with changing government regulations to avoid penalties. Avoid the common costs associated with clearing customs by working with our team every step of the way. 

Making customs clearance fast, easy and affordable:

Services that work together

We will first bundle goods into one shipment, then clear customs and finally deliver packages directly to the end customer. Our team of customs brokers work together with our couriers to deliver parcels throughout Canada. This strategy simplifies the customs clearance process by making the border between the U.S. and Canada seem transparent. As a result, there is more control throughout the cross-border shipping process. This control allows us to provide fast delivery times while keeping costs low.

consolidating to make selling to Canada cheaper
Consolidated cross border shipments

Consolidating Parcels

Our hub in Chicago allows us to consolidate small parcels from locations throughout the United States. These parcels are then bundled into one truckload and cleared at customs as one shipment. Combining parcel and LTL into one consolidated shipment allows us to aggregate the entire weight of the shipment. As a result, reduced shipping costs  occur, due to economies of scale. Additionally, customs clearance fees are kept down because you’re paying for the one shipment rather than multiple clearances.   

Keeping custom clearance accurate and simple:

Personalized service to ensure customs compliance

We assign every new client to a knowledgeable customs broker on our team. This one-on-one relationship provides a greater understanding of who our client is, what’s important to them and their unique customs clearance needs. Additionally, this personalized relationship allows our team to spend the time to ensure they enter the clients’ information correctly. consequently, our team can clear parcels at customs faster which results in the minimization of common border slowdowns.

discussing selling to Canada
tracking customs clearance

Digital platforms

Track the progress of your parcel shipments crossing the border with our user-friendly tracking. These systems create a transparent flow of information to be shared between our clients and our customs brokerage team. Additionally, accurate records are kept to ensure that shipments are being properly cleared at customs. These shared, digital platforms keep everyone informed throughout the entire importing process, creating strong, long-lasting relationships.

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