Frontier Covid-19 Planning

To prepare for Covid-19 Frontier is taking preparation in case of absenteeism’s, supply chain interruption and remote work patterns.  Our goals are to ensure we minimize the impact of a triggered event disrupting our customers and business partners.


  • Our communication and operating systems are designed to be worked remotely.
  • Fax, e-mail and phone communications are enabled for employees to work remotely.
  • Encouraging personnel to have social distance, hand sanitize, use anti-bacterial wipes and keep
    hand tissue separate.
  • Cross Training is ongoing and will be continued.
  • Frontier has flexible hours and will continue to ensure that timely customs releases and deliveries occur.
  • Our managers and employees have been advised of our expectations, if a fever or sickness is occurring to stay home and visit a medical facility immediately.
  • Employees returning from abroad will be requested to work remotely or obtain medical clearance prior to a work return.


  • We have implemented a more rigorous cleaning process within Frontier offices and vehicles to mitigate any spread of disease among staff and customers.
  • Telecommuting will be reviewed daily for office personnel.
  • Knowledge transfer of information has been an ongoing effort at Frontier and will continue.
  • Social distancing of employees is occurring to ensure backups are in other cities.
  • Non-essential business air travel will be restricted for Frontier personnel.
  • Proof of Signatures regarding delivery will be restricted to eliminate unneeded exposure.
  • Drivers and customer facing personnel will be provided with anti-bacterial cleaning for their tools and person.

Plan activation and Triggered Event

At this time no Frontier employee or contractor has contracted Covid-19 virus. We have offices in zones with outbreaks and it is important to monitor. If a person becomes ill within Frontier our triggered plans will begin.

Thank you,
Michael Butterfield
Frontier Supply Chain Solutions Inc.

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