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How to drop ship to Canada

With Frontier CAN-SHIP

Learning how to drop ship to Canada has never been easier for both U.S and Canadian based companies. Frontier’s CANADA-SHIP program provides some of the shortest transit times from the U.S. Midwest, lowest rates for shipping into Canada, and ease of services throughout the process.

How our drop ship service (CANADA-SHIP) works:

When the shipments arrive in Itasca, the package’s tracking data is entered into our tracking program which provides visibility on our website.

Your product is then transported overnight from Itasca to one of our Canadian induction centres (Winnipeg, MB & Toronto, ON). From here, the product will be then shipped directly to the Canadian receiver.

Is our drop ship service right for you?

Occasional Imports?

Occasionally importing from the states can be an expensive and complicated experience. Our CANADA-SHIP program allows you to drop ship prepaid parcels to our U.S. induction centre. From there, we ship directly to Canada, clear customs and distribute. Providing these collaborative services allows us to offer lower rates than other cross-border shippers. 

Shipping from US to Canada - Frontier SCS

Frequent imports?

Do you experience high brokerage fees and shipping costs as a result of your parcel or LTL shipments being cleared separately? Our CANADA-SHIP program avoids these costs by consolidating your LTL or parcels into one shipment and clear customs once

Whether your shipping needs are frequent or infrequent, Frontier’s CANADA-SHIP program is able to get your product into Canada in a way that works for you. Partnering with us will give your Canadian or U.S. based company a competitive advantage due to our simple, fast and cost-effective strategies.

Why our drop ship service works?

Collaborative Services

Our expertise in logistics and brokerage ensures timely release to decrease costly border delays. Once your products have cleared customs they will be transported to our strategically located cross-dock facilities for increased transportation speed into Canada. After they are cross-docked we ship directly to your customer for final delivery. Overall our CANADA-SHIP program saves your organization valuable time, which allows you to better serve your customer’s needs.

Shipping from US to Canada - Frontier SCS

Efficient shipping networks

Avoid the multiple stops that come along with other carriers. Our CANADA-SHIP program allows us to ship directly to Canada by using team drivers, zone skipping and overnight routes.  

One direct contact

Avoid using various organizations with multiple contacts throughout the shipping process. Our CAN-SHIP program connects you with one direct Frontier representative. The result is stronger communication channels that save your organization valuable time. 

Strong relationships
tracking customs clearance

Online Tracking

Ensure compliance and avoid costly delays at the border. Our online tracking technology allows your customers to know exactly where their product is. Frontier handles all of your freight scanning and records the data in real time at every step of the process. 

How to use Frontier's CANADA-SHIP:

Have your product shipped to our Chicago warehouse:

Your company name

C/O Frontier

1450 West Thronedale Ave

Itasca, IL


Have your supplier prepare an invoice indicating:

  • Vendor name
  • Importer name
  • Country of origin
  • Value
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Description

Attach invoice to shipment

Place the shipment in an envelope labeled “Export Documents”