Frontier Supply Chain Solutions

2021 Agricultural Trade Strategies

January Seminar

Ensure Food & Agricultural Products are Cleared Correctly

Frontier and MLT Aikins are hosting a joint seminar January 2022. This event will discuss trade strategies specific to the agricultural industry from both the legal and customs perspective.

Event Details

  • Tentative date in early October
  • A morning event with an assorted breakfast included

Topics covered

  • Export Controls, Sanctions, Tariffs, and trade remedies (anti-dumping and countervailing duties) and how to mitigate risk such as “Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPS)”
  • Actual Use Provisions and conducting the 3-part test
  • Intellectual Property (trademarks, copyright, patents, industrial designs and trade secrets). What can and should be protected and what cannot
  • CFIA & FDA rules and labelling
  • Tax consideration in an international sale

Questions About Our Joint Seminar?

Frontier's Speakers:

John Quirke, Vice-President, Frontier SCS, 905-761-8640, [email protected]

Chris Borecky, Senior Business Development Manager, Frontier SCS, 877-704-3727, [email protected]m

MLT Aikins Speakers: