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Parcel Delivery thought Canada

Shipping with Frontier in Canada

Frontier is your trusted partner in parcel delivery and last mile carriers. We ensure that your customers can ship their packages across Canada. Whether your ship, Frontier has you covered. Select from our wide range of delivery options and expand your business reach to every corner of the Canada.

Reduce delivery costs & get your delivery faster with Frontier by:

Consolidating parcels:

Costs are kept low along these routes by consolidating parcels for shipment. This method allows trucks to ship higher volumes of parcels per truckload by bundling many orders prior to shipment.  

Zone skipping:​

Zone skipping occurs when a company consolidates parcels into one truckload and then ships that load directly to the last mile delivery region. One of these routes, for example would be a non-stop shipment from: Ontario to western Canada, or the Midwest U.S to Canada.  

Easy enter of delivery:

Team drivers:​

Using team drivers is the practice of having two drivers per vehicle alternate driving for long-haul routes. This method allows longer distances to be covered in a shorter amount of time, due to the alternating drivers along the lengthy, single trip. Zone skipping services often incorporate team drivers because it ensures faster service for the end customer, in addition to being safer for the drivers. 

Zone skipping improves delivery speed by getting parcels as close as possible to the last mile delivery location, while at the same time reducing costs. This method eliminates the need for parcel courier sortation at each regional hub, which reduces handling costs. Combining last mile parcel delivery and zone skipping, improves delivery to customers. 

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