As Brexit talks continue, European Union negotiators have suggested a tentative plan to avoid a hard customs border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the island.

With just five months until Britain is scheduled to leave the EU, talks have stalled over the issue of keeping the trade border between the two nations open.

The hope is that Northern Ireland will remain a part of the customs union with the EU with its full “customs code” and following single market regulation for goods and agri-food products, according to the Financial Times.

In contrast, the United Kingdom would be a more “bare-bones” customs arrangement with the EU, which would apply a common external tariff on imports from outside the EU and rules of origin, according to FT.

The New York Times is reporting that such a compromise will likely face opposition from Brexit supporters in Prime Minister Theresa May’s government and party who “do not want Britain to be tied into an open-ended customs union with the block” until a UK-EU trade deal has been agreed upon.

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