It’s said that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one. When closing a sale, having a reliable and cost-effective shipper for your product is key.
Preparation is key
Making sure you have inventory is the first step in having a reliable logistics company deliver your goods to the customer. To keep track of shipments, a tracking number is key as is keeping a live stock counter for your inventory so you know when to replenish merchandise and customers know if a product is in stock or not.
Be transparent on shipping prices and conditions
To attain and retain loyalty among your clients, companies need to be transparent in pricing and shipping. By offering different delivery options, expected dates for delivery, and associated costs and return conditions customer loyalty can be achieved.
Offer as many options as your customers need
Many shoppers abandon finalizing a sale because the shipping options are not what they need.
By providing flexibility in shipping and speed customers are more likely to checkout their purchases.
According to a FEVAD survey, 83% of consumers want to see a door-to-door shipping option, while 66% also wanted a pick up option. In terms of speed, standard, express, and next day delivery options are favourable for consumers.
Choose the best shipping partners and logistic tools
Having a well maintained business relationship with a shipping company means consistent rates and reliable delivery of items.

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