A coalition of companies and associations have banded together to advocate for the approval of the United States-Mexico-Canada deal as it’s debated by the American congress.
The USMCA Coalition consists of representatives for farmers and ranchers, manufacturers, service providers, and technology companies. The coalition will also work to educate the American public about the benefits of the new deal.
“USMCA is critical to the success of American businesses, farmers, and workers,” said Cathy Van Way, head of government relations for Cummins Inc., and coalition co-chair. “For Cummins, our two largest export markets in the world are Canada and Mexico, and our trade with these countries has contributed to significant growth and global reach. When Cummins is successful globally, we add high quality jobs in communities across the country.”
For autoworkers, the USMCA is critical as it affects the jobs of thousands of workers in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, according to Shane Karr, head of external affairs for Fiat Chrysler Automotive-North America and coalition co-chair.
“The new trade agreement incentivizes the auto industry to make new investments to build our most advanced vehicles here and will ensure that our products remain competitive in markets around the world.”
Provisions in the USMCA regarding automobiles require that all vehicles contain at least 75% of North American made parts to be granted duty-free treatment by 2020 versus the current 62.5% mandate. It will also require greater use of domestic steel and other materials and establish a new requirement that at least 30% of all auto workers earn at least $16 an hour by 2020 and for that figure to increase to 40% by 2023.

As for the agricultural sector, Canada’s dairy industry opened up allowing more American milk and milk products to enter the country.

“The United States, Mexico and Canada have been transformed by nearly 25 years of open agricultural trade, creating a level of economic integration that has made North America one of the world’s most competitive and successful trading blocs,” said Devry Boughner Vorwerk, corporate vice-president of global corporate affairs for Cargill and coalition co-chair. “We must ensure that the uncertainties that exist about the future of this vital relationship are removed, and passing USMCA is a critical step. We look forward to working with Congress to make this a reality.”

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