Ontario Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks Rod Phillips met with the Ontario Trucking Association in late January to discuss ways in which the industry can support and contribnute to saving the environment and reducing emissions.
Other topics covered in the meeting included investments in green technology and fuel management devices; the viability of alternative fuels; a demonstration of engine emission systems tampering and a discussion on speed limiter enforcement; as well as a review of the Heavy-Duty Drive Clean program.
The minister had the opportunity to listen to OTA recommendations to reduce emissions from the trucking sector, while cutting red tape and increasing enforcement on some in the industry that attempt to avoid compliance.
“OTA was encouraged by the feedback provided by Minister Phillips and his staff on ways to develop a green commercial vehicle enforcement action plan, which will eliminate redundancies while also making the Ontario trucking industry more competitive as it continues to do its part to reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment,” said Wendell Erb, OTA vice-chairman. “We look forward to continued discussions with the minister on these important topics.”

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