Customs Brokerage

“Our staff of customs brokers and trade consultants are knowledgeable in compliance guidelines within North America and abroad,” said Frontier customs compliance officer Michelle Greene.  

Frontier staff meet or exceed all the necessary regulatory and security certifications, such as Canada Advance Commercial Information (ACI), Customs Self-Assessment (CSA), Partners in Protection (PIP), U.S. Automated Manifest System (AMS), and Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

Customs administration accesses trade information through a library and electronic research facility. Our staff work to make your shipments compliant under the U.S. Customs Modernization Act and assists with issues involving admissibility, classification, valuation, marketing, liquidation, record keeping, and other regulatory requirements.

Duty Drawbacks

Duty drawbacks are money that is owed to a supplier from the federal government. Disappointingly, not a lot of brokers apply for drawbacks for their clients either because they don’t know enough to apply for it or because they don’t know the history of their client’s shipments.

At Frontier we are experts at duty drawbacks because we understand that saving our clients money is as natural as breathing. It’s what we do.

Duty drawbacks can get companies up to 99% of the duties they pay on imports back. Frontier’s senior business development manager at Frontier North America John Quirke said drawbacks are essential for clients.

“We have found that many U.S. importers do not currently receive drawback at all. In many cases we know that because we’re their Canadian customs broker (and we know) that there is duty they’re paying on exported goods to Canada. That’s millions of dollars in potential drawback that can potentially be recovered,” he said.

Another benefit of applying for duty drawbacks is that it can be claimed up to three years in arrears.


Frontier’s IT department has created information technologies such as electronic data interchange (EDI), which allows for electronic delivery of commercial invoices, purchase orders, and manifests among other documents.

The benefits of an EDI system is that it eliminates paper-based paperwork, it increases efficiency, sharing of data, it’s secure, accuracy is increased, and cash flows are accelerated.

Another program offered by Frontier is application programing interface (API). This is a set of programing instructions and standards that access web-based software applications that allow platforms to communicate with one another.

A good example of this is online purchasing. When you enter your credit card information to buy an item online, the web store uses an API to send that information to a remote application, which then verifies it to ensure that it’s correct. After confirming that your credit card info is valid, the application sends back a confirmation that the order can be processed, according to Select Hub.

EDI format is an older technology that has been around for decades thus making it a popular standard. API is a newer technology with powerful features for synchronizing web applications. 

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