Custom Clearance

Our brokerage and transportation services ensure our customers are always compliant to customs rules and regulations.

Please refer to the information below for guidance on where to send Customs Paper Work for Canada & the US

For customs brokerage shipments into Canada email:  [email protected]
For ACI customers, please send requests to [email protected]
And for questions regarding the status of your PARS please call: 877-704-3727

For shipments into the US please email:  [email protected]
Our staff of customs brokers and trade consultants are knowledgeable in compliance guidelines within North America and abroad. Frontier’s staff meet or exceed all the necessary regulatory and security certifications, such as Canada Advance Commercial Information (ACI), Customs Self-Assessment (CSA) and Partners in Protection (PIP), U.S. Automated Manifest System (AMS) and Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).


Single Window Initiative

Canadian Border Services Agency is implementing a single window initiative beginning in the New Year for goods that fall under nine federal departments.

“SWI is mainly an initiative that enhances the ability of customs brokers to streamline their processes, which will expedite the processing and efficiency of executing customs clearance on behalf of importers.  It may also lead to a reduction of fees to importers in certain situations,” said John Quirke, vice-president of trade consulting for Frontier Supply Chain Solutions.

The changes will take place on Jan.1, 2019. The SWI has two service options: An Integrated Import Declaration (IID – SO911) and a License, Permit, Certificate and Other Documentation (LPCO Image – SO 927).

The benefits of the program are a simplified import process, a reduction in paper, and a decrease in costs, according to the CBSA. The deadline to complete all testing and certification is Jan. 1, 2019. The deadline to close all other service options for the transition is April 1, 2019. All importers are required to contact the person knowledgeable of the shipment for information.

SWI for Transport Canada

SWI for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

SWI for Health Canada 

SWI for Clothing, Steel and Agricultural Products

SWI for Vehicles and Engines


Non Resident Importer

If you’re a non-Canadian business looking to extend your reach into Canada, you may want to look into being a Non-Resident Importer (NRI). Being an NRI gives your business the same edge that Canadian companies enjoy without having a physical presence in the country.

The NRI will act as the importer of record (IOR) for a shipment imported into Canada and is responsible for the maintenance of records and all taxes/duties.

Some of the benefits a NRI can see include faster delivery times for clients, customers receiving goods with all duties paid, and an up-tick in e-commerce sales. Some of the downsides of being a NRI include getting a Canadian business licence and GST number, valuation issues for goods, and meeting labeling and marketing rules.

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