Frontier’s parcel service provides fast and affordable delivery to anywhere in Canada with our couriers and network of owner operators. We provide a dedicated account representative as a reliable single point of contact for our customers. This point of contact will ensure deliveries are done on time, custom shipping schedules are maintained, costs are minimal, and any issues that might arise are dealt with quickly.

Our simple returns policy guarantees efficiency which keeps your business profitable. Frontier’s automated invoice system allows you to receive and review all payables and shipment data on a daily or monthly schedule.


Frontier maintains warehouses in major urban hubs, such as Toronto and Chicago in order to guarantee quick shipping to and from suppliers and buyers.

Our warehouses range in size from 3,000 square feet to just under 31,000 square feet. We can accommodate all shipments – big and small – with no problem. Our computerized warehouse data system will make sure our staff and our e-clients always know what products are in stock and where in the warehouse that stock is located. When it comes time to move these goods, Frontier is ready with a full fleet of freight and courier trucks.

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