SWI for Environment and Climate Control Canada

Canadian Border Services Agency has implemented its Single Window Initiative (SWI) for Environment and Climate Control Canada, which controls the importation of vehicles and engines.

ECCC’s vehicle and engine emissions program requirements for clients who import complete or incomplete on-road/off-road/marine engines or vehicles are required to submit data in order to identify the applicable data element rules and conditions.

The following information is required:

  • The make of the vehicle or engine
  • The model of the vehicle or engine
  • Model year of vehicle or engine
  • Engine manufacturer name
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Engine identification number
  • Name of engine family
  • Test group name
  • Vehicle or engine class
  • Vehicle manufacturer name
  • Affirmation of statement compliance
  • Engine power rating
  • Make of machine
  • Model of machine
  • Model year of machine
  • Machine manufacturer name
  • Criteria conformance.

For other importation of other items that fall under the ECCC SWI  visit CBSA.

For information on the other departments please visit CBSA.

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