Connectivity and open flexibility are the cornerstones of modern day computing and form the focus of Frontier Supply Chain Solutions’ technology offerings.  We understand the need for flexible shipping technology to meet the needs of growing organizations.  We have responded with an ever-evolving suite of tools to target companies of any size and workflow needs.

Our core technology offering is the Frontier Shipping API (Application Programmer Interface).  Our API is used as a standalone product but also embedded into our web based shipping solution WEBship as well as our Windows desktop-based shipping solution, FRONTShip.  This integrated focus allows for the fast development and deployment of new solutions to all our shipping platforms.

WEBship is Frontier’s browser based shipping platform used to quickly create and track shipments, manage freight, and parcel quotes.   It requires no software and is compatible with most modern web browsers.

To learn more about how WEBship can work for your business, contact us toll-free at: 1 (877) 704-3727 today.

Frontier API’s

Access the power of Frontiers online shipping engine from your existing software with our custom API’s

Frontier provides a full suite of custom API’s to allow your business to integrate completely with Frontiers online shipping application. Create, manage, and track your orders by connecting your order management, online shopping carts, and internal applications to our free web services.

Frontier API’s allow you to:

Integrate directly with your existing Order Management, Online Shopping Cart, and internal applications

Create workflows that are customised to the way you do business and optimize your efficiency

Create, edit, and delete all orders from your existing software

Access all shipment information and up to date tracking data directly from Frontier

Generate carrier compliant, barcoded labels in PDF and ZPL formats without any external software

Get accurate rates with complete cost breakdowns for any order to any location, before you ship

Our API’s have been designed to make integration simple for your business, giving you the benefits of:

Better Flexibility: Frontier’s API’s accept and return all responses in both JSON and XML allowing you program the way you want to

Complete Documentation: We provide complete documentation, program specifications, and detailed code examples to help you get started.

One on One support: Our technology team will work one on one with your business to help you get up and running quickly

To learn more about how Frontier’s API’s can work for your business, contact us toll free at: 1 (877) 704-3727 today.

To learn more about how WEBship can work for your business, contact us toll-free at: 1 (877) 704-3727 today.


Frontier’s FRONTship application is great for shipping mail, parcels, and LTL freight by automatically loading order data from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) program.

Submit customs data, shipment information, and print labels with one click. With our Best Method Intelligence system, the lowest rate for each shipment will be selected automatically and rest assured that all fuel surcharges, rates, and fees are updated frequently to ensure accurate costs are given for each transaction.

Ship smarter With FRONTship

Simple To use

  • Ship all Mail, Parcel and LTL Freight from one screen.
  • Automaticallty load order data from your ERP.
  • Submit Customs, shipment information and print labels with one click.

Faster Shipping

  • No need to select transportation methods or change screens.
  • Interface directly with your ERP create orders with fewer keystrokes.
  • Automatic rate selection eliminates the need to compare costs.

Better Pricing

  • Best Method Intelligence selects the lowwest rate for eachindividual shipment.
  • Fuel surcharges and rates are updated to ensure accurate costs.
  • Our FRONTship software lets you process all Mail, Parcel and LTL shipping on one screen.
To learn more about how WEBship can work for your business, contact us toll-free at: 1 (877) 704-3727 today.

Automated Invoicing System

Our automated invoices are the fastest way to receive and review all of your payables plus shipment data. They are designed to reduce delays between when the invoice is issued and received by the customer. You choose how often you want to receive your invoice this can be daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly. Each invoice will contain shipment information, a Probill, invoice, and reference numbers in PDF and Excel formats.

How Billing is made Quick & Easy

Excel Spreadsheets

  • Exel spreadsheets contain hyperlinks to all probills
  • Risk and delay of mailing hard copies is eliminated

PDF Invoice

  • The invoice contains prrof of delivery per probill
  • Our system enables you to go green and reduce your carbon footprint.

Consolidated PDF Invoice

  • Designed for clients that ship multiple pros or orders per invoice
  • probills are groped by order and orders are groped by invoice.
For more information or how to sign up for Frontier's Automated Invoice System, please e-mail [email protected]


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