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Trade Consulting with Frontier

With trade consulting professionals throughout North America, Frontier helps establish and maintain trade compliance programs. Our team will also assist our clients with audit requirements, recover duties and manage border security.

Whatever your international trade needs are, our team is prepared to assist you in developing a compliance strategy that works. 

Frontier's Trade Consulting Services

Duty Recovery Services

Reviewing trade transactions to claim a duty refund can be time consuming. Let Frontier do it for you. Our team of consultants have had many successful duty recoveries for our clients.

Trade Agreements

Our trade consultants have a wealth of knowledge to help determine which agreements your products can qualify for and will help you take advantage of preferential rates and lower duties under free trade agreements.

Tariff Classification

Incorrect classification is the primary compliance issue affecting importers. The results are often border delays, increased inspection, and costly penalties. Avoid these issues with Frontier’s help.  

Origin Determination

Free trade agreements such as CUSMA can be a risk to an organization. It becomes risky if you fail to comply with the rules of origin that are related to qualifying a product. Non-compliant trade agreements lead to higher duty costs on imported goods. Frontier will ensure your firm stays compliant and guarantee you pay the legal minimum duties.

Frontier's Trade Compliance Resources

Trade Agreements

Canada and the United States are both involved in various free trade agreements. Being knowledgeable about their details will ensure your firm stays compliant and save you money on duties. 

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Are you Using the correct Certificate of Origin under CUSMA?

Duty Drawback & Recovery

Many firms only recover a small percentage of duty. This can happen simply because firms don’t know they are eligible to file a drawback claim. Our consultants look for every opportunity, including duty on assembled merchandise and finished goods. 

Learn more about duty drawbacks

Tariff Classifications

Every product and every variation of that product have a different number used to identify them. This number or “tariff classification” pinpoints what duties are required for your product. Our trade consulting team will help you determine your tariff classifications and the accompanying duties. 

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Canada's Non-Resident Importer Program

Our team of trade consultants can help you throughout the process of becoming a Non-Resident Importer (NRI). With our assistance, you will be able to effectively expand your business by selling in the Canadian market without requiring a physical location. Click the links below to learn more about what an NRI is and how to successfully benefit from the pro