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Trade Consulting

Why Trade Consulting ?

Frontier’s Trade Consulting team provides expert advice to our clients to make sure they are saving as much money on duties that they can and altogether helping their supply chain flow as seamlessly as possible. 

Why Frontier ?

Free Trade Agreements

Canada and the United States are both involved in various free trade agreements that can end up saving you money on duties. Our trade consultants have a wealth of knowledge to help determine which agreements your products can qualify for.

Tariff Classification

Every product and every variation of that product have a different number used to identify them. This number or “tariff classification” pinpoints what duties are required for your product. Our trade consulting team helps you determine your tariff classifications and the duties that go along with it.

Duty Drawbacks

After you’ve imported from or exported goods to a country, if that good is destroyed or exported again you could be eligible for a duty drawback. This means that you would be refunded for the duties you were charged by the government. Contact our business development team to see if you are eligible: