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Frontier’s lanes for our truckloads form a triangle between Winnipeg, Toronto and Chicago. We operate team drivers exclusively  to ensure expedited delivery. Our fleet of team drivers, move your time-sensitive loads non-stop and secure within out triangle of cities.

As a carrier , we pride ourselves on delivering customer freight in a fast, efficient manner. Our goal is to provide service that lays the groundwork for strong, lasting relationships.

If you see a lane that you need services on, contact our logistics team.

Ontario to Manitoba Truckloads

Bridge the gap between Toronto and Winnipeg with Frontier’s truckload service. With the capability to handle both FTL and LTL shipments, Frontier offers a competitive rate and can pickup in the GTA. 

Frontier Personalized Service

Toronto to Chicago Truckloads

Our trucks travel from Toronto to Chicago via the 401 and 402 highways in Canada and the 69, 90 and 94 in the US. We can pickup in Ontario and deliver along these highways on the way to Chicago. Click below if you have a load you need delivered:

Winnipeg to Chicago Truckloads

Frontier has trucks going from Winnipeg to Chicago through North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you have a load in Manitoba that you need picked up, click the button below. We’d be happy to deliver en route to our Chicago office. 

Frontier Employees in front of truck
Truck in the Evening

US to Canada

Do you have consistent freight that needs to move from the US to Canada? Click below to read about our Transborder Logistics service to find a personalized solution that can work for you.

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