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U.S. to Canada Logistics

Frontier’s U.S. to Canada Logistics service helps U.S. companies expand by becoming Non-Resident Importers (NRI). Being an NRI reduces costs and allows you to sell as though you have a physical presence in Canada. U.S. businesses should see an increase in sales of at least 10% of their American sales. 

Our integrated customs brokerage, logistics and trade consulting services give shipping options that create a simplified way to sell to Canada.

One Shipment, Lower Costs

Combining parcel and LTL into one consolidated shipment allows us to aggregate the entire weight to reduce shipping costs and customs clearance fees. Our approach reduces delivery times and eliminates cross docking. Contact our team to find out how to cut costs today:

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Fast Delivery with U.S. to Canada Logistics

Frontier provides rapid delivery from the U.S. to Canada with team drivers delivering nightly to our Canadian distribution centers. With our team of experienced customs brokers we make the border process seamless, eliminating border delays.

Chicago Consolidation Hub

Our Chicago location acts as a central hub enroute to Canada, providing easy accessibility to both Western and Eastern Canada. 

Frontier SCS US to Canada Logistics - Chicago Consolidation
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Benefits of Shipping from U.S. to Canada with Frontier

Because we offer both asset-based and non-asset-based services, we’re able to provide the flexibility to choose the right option for you. to get your shipment to Canada as quickly as possible.

Best Method Shipping

With our U.S. to Canada Logistics service’s Best Method Intelligence system, submit customs data, shipment information, and print labels with one click. Rest assured that the lowest rate for each shipment will be selected automatically.