A Career in Operations at Frontier

  Ever wanted to work in a fast-paced job that requires you keep abreast of all government regulations? If so, Frontier North America in Seattle is for you. “I like the energy of a company that is still in the process of growing and discovering new opportunities,” said director of U.S. operations Lisa Bosques. “The company has put their trust in me, and given me an opportunity to grow and to lead. I am supported, but also given the freedom to work through issues and find solutions on my own.” Bosques deals with the day-to-day operations of Frontier North America while also helping clients, providing training, and assisting with bonds and customer set-ups. “Some of the skills needed to perform my job are patience, empathy, adaptability, good problem solving skills, the ability to make quick and sound decisions, persistence, good listening skills and resourcefulness, to name a few.” As a manager, she oversees a team of 13 of which four report directly to her. One of those reporting to Bosques is account manager and licensed customs broker Jacob Sarb. “I try to make sure that internal and external relationships stay as positive as possible,” said Sarb. “I also try to keep my customers as informed and knowledgeable as I can, while also assisting other departments across the Frontier network.” Sarb’s role requires constantly keeping productivity high, training employees, writing U.S. customs entries, domestic and international freight forwarding, assisting with compliance issues, among other duties. “Thinking outside the box to find an alternate solution to a problem, or an alternate process for a task is an essential skill for this job,” said Sarb. “Being able to teach myself how to use some of the less common tools available to us, tools such as CargoWise/Web Tracker, as well as various online and text resources is vital.” Other skills Sarb said are needed include an understanding of the U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule, familiarity with the 19CFR (US Customs regulations), and a broad knowledge base to be able to understand what are the various items customers import. Sarb said he like working for Frontier because of the familial environment of his office, being able to have work/life balance, good benefits, and being with a mid-sized company.

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