Frontier Supply Chain Solutions

Ontario to Manitoba Freight

Ontario and Manitoba are neighbour provinces, but the main cities of the two provinces are not close. Frontier helps bridge that gap with our Ontario to Manitoba Freight service.

Full Truck Availability

Frontier sends multiple trucks weekly from Toronto to Winnipeg, with the ability to handle whatever the freight you throw at us. Click the button below to book space on our trucks today: 

Less than Truckload

Sometimes you don’t need a full truck for your shipments. For shipments that are just a couple skids, Frontier can consolidate your freight with other shipments to ensure you still get top notch service at a competitive rate.

Long-Term Focus

Frontier’s main focus is providing high-quality service for our customers. We want to make sure that doing business with us is satisfactory for you so we can build a lasting relationship. Contact us today to start shipping now!

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