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Canadian Customs Brokerage

Ready to Expand into Canada?

Frontier's Team of Custom Broker's Will Simplify The Process.


Gain Canadian Customers, While Keeping Your Brokerage Fees Low.

Thinking about expanding your sales by selling to Canadians? Canada’s Non-Resident Importer (NRI) program provides a great opportunity for companies wanting to reach more Canadian customers. Frontier’s Canadian Customs Brokerage team can help you begin the process of becoming an NRI and simplify doing business in Canada. 

Why Become an NRI?

Gain Canadian Customers

Enjoy the same advantages as your Canadian competition. Becoming an NRI allows you to sell to Canada without requiring a physical location.  

More Control at Canadian Customs

Becoming an NRI will create a more reliable importing process. This will help reduce delays at the border and speed up deliveries to your customers.

Better Service to Canadian Customers

NRI’s can provide direct delivery to their Canadian customers. This helps remove the “hidden fees” that often accompany imports from the U.S.

Reduced Costs

Not having a physical location avoids overhead & operating expenses. Expenses such as infrastructure, employees, warehousing, and Canadian distribution.

How Frontier's brokerage team supports NRI's:

One Customs Clearance, One Payment

Our Chicago hub allows us to consolidate parcel and LTL freight from your vendors throughout the Midwest United States. From there, we will bundle your freight into one shipment and forward it to Canada. This method clears customs once, saving you and your customers’ money. 

Close Customer Relationships

Being a mid-sided logistics firm allows us to provide a one-on-one relationship between you and our customs brokerage team. As a result, we develop a greater understanding of your product and your customs brokerage needs.

Want tips on successful cross-border selling?

Stay Compliant With Customs

Working with our team of customs brokers will ensure your Canadian bound imports are cleared properly. We ensure timely releases occur, the proper tariff classification is on each good, free trade agreements are used and stay up-to-date with changing government regulations. 

Gain Complete Visibility

Our tracking methods create reliability and predictability for you and your customers. Our online portal allows you to view your B3s, invoice imaging and reports. In addition, this tool provides accurate records for your monthly duty and tax payments.

Are you ready to expand into Canada?