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Canadian Customs Brokerage

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Online Solutions to Your Canadian Customs Brokerage Needs

Frontier’s Canadian Customs Brokerage team utilizes technology that benefits everyone. The Visual Importer portal ensures control and visibility throughout the entire importing process. This platform allows importers to stay compliant with border protection and avoid costly penalties. 

Why Choose Frontier For Your Brokerage Needs?

Expedite Your Customs Release

Our one-client-one-team approach guarantees an expedited Customs Release. Deal with someone who knows your business, products and unique needs. Strong communication among our team will prevent shipment delays and avoid unnecessary charges. 

CARM & Customs Payments

The Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA)  has launched a project to help modernize and streamline accounting, data management systems & payments. Frontier will make sure your customs payments to the CBSA are accurate and streamlined.  

Origin & Tariff Classification

Incorrect classification is the primary compliance issue affecting importers. The results are often border delays, increased inspection, and costly penalties. Avoid these issues with Frontier’s help.  

Non-compliant Free Trade Certificates lead to higher duty costs on imported goods. Frontier will ensure compliance to guarantee you pay the legal minimum duties and taxes.

Expand into Canada

Our team of customs brokers can help you throughout the process of becoming a Non-Resident Importer (NRI). With our assistance, you will be able to effectively expand your business by selling in the Canadian market without requiring a physical location. Click below to learn more about becoming an NRI!

Reports & Documents Management

The Visual Importer portal provides customers with complete visibility to their daily statement of accounts. This Online access is provided to manage custom entry activity in real time. The platform allows you to gain access to things like B3, commercial invoices and Frontier invoices. View the examples below: