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Canadian Customs Brokerage

Online Solutions to Your Customs Brokerage Needs

Frontier’s Canadian Customs Brokerage team utilizes innovative technology to provide high-quality service whether you are importing or exporting. As a professional customs brokerage firm, we specialize in bridging international trade gaps and ensuring a seamless flow of goods across borders. 

One Client - One Team Approach

Our “one client-one team” approach provides an expedited customs release. Our certified experts  ensure that your shipments clear customs quickly with proper documentation, regardless of the points of origin and destinations. Our customs clearance services ensure you are trade regulation compliant and hassle-free.

CARM & Release Bonds

Frontier, as your trusted partner, streamlines your customs clearance process, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. Our specialists provide a smooth transition into this new system, eliminating potential bottlenecks and optimizing your trade operations. 

Professional Tariff Classification & Control

At Frontier, our experts excel in Harmonized System (HS) code classification, ensuring duty optimization strategies and cost-efficient customs compliance. By optimizing cost-saving opportunities and streamlining customs declarations, we ensure efficient cross-border trade.

Help NRI Do Business With Canada

Our team of customs brokers can help you throughout the process of becoming a Non-Resident Importer (NRI). With our assistance, you will be able to effectively expand your business by selling in the Canadian market without requiring a physical location. 

Reports & Documents Management

The Visual Importer portal provides customers with complete visibility of their daily statement of accounts. This Online access is provided to manage custom entry activity in real-time. The platform allows you to gain access to B3, commercial invoices and Frontier invoices. View the examples below:

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