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Shipping to Canada

CANADA Express

Your Cross-Border Shipping Solution

CANADA Express offers the perfect cross-border solution for U.S.-based companies shipping to Canada. Using our Chicago warehouse, Frontier provides the fastest transit times from the US Midwest to Canada. This is accomplished by using our own trucks with team drivers. This allows for a direct route from Chicago, Illinois to Toronto, Ontario & Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Is CANADA Express right for you?

We Ship Parcel and LTL

We simplify shipping parcel and LTL to Canada by carrying all of your deliveries. Whether your needs are B2B or B2C, our Canada Express service makes cross-border shipping simple.

Last Mile Shipping in Canada

Frontier ships to over 800,000 postal codes throughout Canada. This is done by using our own drivers or our trusted Canadian delivery partners.

Benefits of using CANADA Express:

Avoid Border delays

Our team can clear your shipments through customs or work with a customs broker to ensure a quick customs clearance process. As your carrier and customs broker, we will reduce any risk of delays at the border.

Overnight, Daily Service throughout Canada

We have multiple, northbound and team driven trucks leaving our Chicago facility daily. Therefore you can get your deliveries right away.z overnight service to suit your needs.

Turn Key Operations

Sell to the Canadian market in a way that makes you forget there’s a border.  We have a “one-team-one-provider” approach that will cover all of your logistics and customs needs in Canada. 

Simple Canadian Shipping Rates

Frontier’s delivery methods offer a landed, door-to-door pricing system. Therefore your customers know exactly what to expect when the parcel arrives at their door.

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