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Long Haul Drivers


At Frontier we support an environment that encourages our long haul drivers to continually grow and develop the skills to help them reach their full potential. Our small-medium sized firm gives our team drivers the opportunity to stand out, make a difference and not get lost in the shuffle. 

Find out why you should become a team long haul driver at Frontier!

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Why Frontier's drivers are in it for the long haul

Safe, happy & financially secure.

Competitive salary

We believe in offering a competitive salary of between $90,000 – $100,000 + per year and paid vacation. Additionally, we offer group benefit plans, a cell phone allowance and a driver safety bonus.  

Familiar routes

Gain confidence by driving familiar routes. Our pin-to-pin operations are always back-and-forth along our Winnipeg – Chicago – Toronto triangle.


Frontier is also a licensed Customs Broker. Because we offer this service, we can ensure that all of the paperwork is prepared in advance which leads to minimized delays at the border.

Paid per team mile

Our team drivers are paid per team miles allowing you to keep moving 24 hours a day. This, in addition to 20,000 guaranteed miles per month, between our facilities will keep you and your team on the road all week. We can offer your team drivers as many miles as they can drive and quick turnaround times which increases the team’s earning potential. 

Continuous development

We believe that it’s important to give our long haul drivers the necessary skills to keep them safe in their work environment. Therefore, frontier provides in-house, paid training and the option for additional education. We also offer other paid training, completed monthly to keep our drivers up-to-date with current safety standards.

Inclusivity among drivers

Our goal is to ensure team drivers feel safe in their work environment. Therefore, we operate in an inclusive environment that promotes equal opportunity. Our operations are free of discrimination and encourage diversity.

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