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CARM 2024:

Upcoming changes

In a few short months, the CBSA will implement changes in the customs clearance process at the Canadian border through the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM). It is highly recommended to take a few crucial steps before May 2024 to prevent potential interruptions and lengthy delays at the border in the future.

Expand the features of the CCP with Frontier Supply Chain Solutions:

1. CCP Registration: All importers must register on the CARM Client Portal (CCP), an online portal that simplifies customs-related transactions. Upcoming changes include:

  • a harmonized billing cycles;
  • submit, correct and adjust an electronic commercial accounting declaration (CAD) that will replace the current customs coding form (B3) and request for adjustment form (B2). 
  • the Statement of Accounts (SOA) will be generated on the 25th of each month and generally the payment due date will be 10 weekdays after the 17th of the following month.
 2. Release Prior to Payment Bond: Importers must secure this bond, ensuring timely duty and tax payments, and allowing goods to be released before payment. This aids cash flow management: post and monitor security to participate in the Release Prior to Payment (RPP) program as importers will no longer be able to rely on their customs’ brokers bond to participate in the RPP program.

 3. Authorized Representatives: Empower your importing process by designating an authorized representative to facilitate your registration on the CARM Client Portal and expedite the acquisition of necessary bonds. Save valuable time and resources by assigning Frontier Supply Chain Solutions Inc. as your trusted customs broker representative.

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