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CARM Client Portal:

Release 1

The CBSA CARM Client Portal launched on May 25, 2021.

What Importers Need to do for Release 1:

Create your User Portal Account

Register your Business

Delegate Access to your Portal Account

Important Takeaways

CBSA Documents

Creating Your User Portal Account

  • Any Individual conducting business with CBSA, on behalf of the organization, must create an individual user portal account in the CCP.
  • A GCKey or Sign-in partner is required for every individual to create their user account in the CCP.
    • A GCKey is a unique  credential for communicating with online government programs and services. One GCKey can be used to access multiple online Government programs and can be used with different computers.
    • To acquire your GCKey, navigate to the CCP landing page once available, and follow the instructions to complete your GCKey registration.

Create your User Portal Account

  • Sign-in Partners are financial institutions and banks.
    • Once in the CCP, log in using your online banking information if you have an account with one of the participating Sign-in Partners and are registered for online banking. 

Register Your Business

  • The first person to register the business is known as a Business Account Manager (BAM).
  • It is recommended to have at least two BAMs associated with your business account.
  • The BAM will need to validate the business and answer questions.
    • Business number (BN9), program reference number (RM), legal entity name and full address information.
    • Two of three transactional questions: recent transaction number and associate duties & taxes, last transaction payment amount, or last Statement of Account (SOA) balance.
    • If you have multiple RM numbers, simply select one of your accounts to validate in the portal.

Delegating Access to Your Portal Account

  • Once the business has been registered, employees can link their individual profiles with the business, by creating an access request.
  • This request is sent to the BAM, who grants access.
  • The employee will receive notification that their request has been approved.
  • Other user roles can be set by the BAM, include Program Account Manager, Editor, Reader, Third-Party Business Account Manager, Third-Party Program Account Manager.

Obtain a Customs Bond

  • Set the transaction visibility to allow your third parties to access transactions:
    • Submitted by their business only
    • Submitted by you
    • Submitted by another third-party service provider business.

Delegating Access to Your Customs Broker

  • You may now delegate access to Frontier
    • Please read our step-by-step guide for granting Frontier access to your CARM Client Portal.
CARM client portal

CBSA's Resource Document's for CCP:

Important Takeaways:

Make sure you work with your custom broker and other third-party service providers to delegate them with access to your business’ account, so they can manage importation activities on your behalf.

CARM Features & Benefits

Ensure that your organization has selected the individuals who will assume the role of Business Account Manager and determine access privileges for the rest of your organization and third-party service providers, who will need to operate in the portal.