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Do you need help shipping from US to Canada? With logistics, customs brokerage and last mile courier ability, Frontier makes cross border shipping easy. 

Under 15 Imports a Week?

Infrequent importing from the United States can be an expensive and complicated experience. Our CANADA-SHIP program simplifies the process. Simply drop ship your prepaid single parcel shipments to our U.S. induction centre. From there, we will send it directly to Canada with lower rates than other cross-border shippers.

Over 15 Imports a Week?

Do you experience high brokerage fees and shipping costs as a result of separate cross border clearances? Frontier’s CANADA-SHIP program can save you up to 30% by consolidating your LTL or parcels into one shipment and clear customs once. 

Cross Border Logistics Made Easy

Ship to Canada as a Non-Resident Importer

Don’t have a facility in Canada? That doesn’t mean that you can’t profit by selling in the Canadian market. Frontier can help you become an NRI and start selling in Canada without any of the fixed costs. 

Shipment Transparency

Our shipment tracking, allows your customers to see an up-to-date status of your shipment from the US to Canada. Customers can simply enter their tracking number into our online system to view the location of their order.

Avoid Cross Border Complications

Many shipments can be delayed due to complications at the border. At Frontier, our customs brokers stay up-to-date with free trade agreements, tariff classifications and how to navigate various restrictions. Our team will ensure that your shipments cross the border  so customers receive their orders on time. 

Last Mile Courier

With courier operations in many Canadian provinces, Frontier provides the ability to deliver directly to the homes or businesses of your customers.  The growth of e-commerce has translated in a growth in the demand for direct delivery. Frontier makes this is a reality to make sure your customers come back to buy from you again. To learn more about our last mile courier services, click the province you are interested in: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario

Frontier's Cross Border Methods

Best Method Shipping from US to Canada

Our intelligence system makes sure that for any pick-ups we are unable to do with our own equipment, the lowest rate is automatically selected. In addition, through our software you can easily print labels, view shipment information and submit any necessary customs data.

Warehousing in Canada

For clients that don’t have their own warehouse in Canada, Frontier can store inventory for you and effectively act as an extension of your business. Once an order is placed with your company, we will then simply send out the order for delivery with our couriers. Overall, this method greatly reduces the time elapsed from order placement to delivery.

Canada's Market

Canada is the United States’ second largest trade partner, which provides very valuable opportunities for U.S businesses. With a population of 38 million, selling to Canada’s market has the potential to boost your company’s sales by 10%. Below, we will detail how Frontier can simplify this process. 

US company shipping to Canada?

Canadian company shipping from the states?

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