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USA Customs Brokerage

U.S. Customs Brokerage

As one of the biggest economies in the world, shipping to the United States is a regular process for companies. We specialize in serving as your trusted broker for international shipments. 

Fast & Compliant Customs Clearance

We are dedicated customs broker in the United States, committed to meeting the unique needs of each client. With our ‘one client – one team’ approach, we take the time to understand your products, ensuring efficient importing and exporting through customs procedures in the US border and avoiding costly delays.

Customs Broker Release Tracker

Our Web Tracker is your online customs broker where real-time updates on the status of shipments, allowing brokers to monitor the progress of their goods as they move through the customs process. Check Customs Declaration, ISF declarations and other Customs Reports (Import Invoice Line Report, Import Declaration Report etc.).

Handle Challenging Customs Brokerage Process

We provide a full customs brokerage services, from transit to the U.S. to duty recovery, and handling shipping documents (Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, and Packing List), as well as USMCA certificates of origin, cargo insurance, duty recovery, and CBP Declaration Forms, we’ve got you covered.

Assistance with Import & Export Clearance

Frontier is your reliable broker for importing/exporting goods in the USA. Our international trade experts in Seattle and Chicago hub specialize in customs brokerage in US and facilitate the import and export of goods, ensuring compliance with all U.S government customs regulations, including handling inspecting by CBP and other US government agencies.

Reports & Documents Management

The U.S. Web Tracker is a digital customs broker for you to check the status of customs entries, track shipments and print statements in any time. View the examples below:

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