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Selling to Canada

Non-Resident Importer Program

Simplify The Process of Selling to Canada

 Thinking about expanding your sales and selling to Canada? Canada’s Non-Resident Importer (NRI) program provides a great opportunity for U.S. based companies to reach more customers without capital investments. 

Frontier’s team can help you begin the process of becoming an NRI and simplify the process of doing business in Canada. 

Why Become an NRI?

Reduced Overhead

Becoming an NRI allows you to sell to Canada without investing in Canadian infrastructure.  This allows you to enjoy the same advantages as your Canadian competition, while keeping your costs low.

Extended State

Sell to Canada as if there is no border. Becoming an NRI allows importers to treat Canada as an extended state. Get details on Canada’s Non-Resident program. 

The Canadian Market

The total population of Canada is 38M. 90% of this population lives within 100 miles of U.S. border in easily accessible urban areas. Additionally, 87% of Canadians regularly shop online which directly supports the growing Ecommerce market.

Landed Cost Pricing

Becoming an NRI allows you to ship to Canada in a price inclusive way. Develop per-item-pricing that includes: duty charges, transportation, customs fees.

How Frontier Can Help NRI's Selling to Canada:

One Clearance, One Payment​

Our Canada-Express program is designed to reduce costs for NRI’s. Frontier’s Chicago hub allows us to consolidate parcel and LTL freight from your vendors throughout the Midwest United States. From there, we will bundle your freight into one shipment and forward it to Canada, clearing customs once. This method minimizes overall transportation and Customs brokerage charges.

Frontier's Canada-Express Program

One-on-One Relationship

We offer a one-on-one relationship between you and our teams. This provides a greater understanding of your product and importing needs. This personalized relationship allows our team to spend the time to ensure they enter the clients’ information correctly. 

Knowledgeable Team

Our team has put together a step-by-step checklist to assist Non-Resident Importers get started with the process of selling to Canada.  

Frontier's guide to becoming an NRI

Gain Complete Visibility

From pick-up to delivery, NRI’s can expect complete visibility throughout the supply chain. Frontier’s methods allow us to have control over the entire fulfillment process. We Know exactly where your product is at every point in its journey by using our online tracking system. 

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