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Selling to Canada

Canadian Customs Brokerage.

Importing goods across the U.S.-Canada border to begin selling to Canada can be intimidating. Importers must ensure timely releases occur, proper tariff classification is on each good, free trade agreements are used and note changing government regulations. Avoid problems associated with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) by working with our team.

Selling to Canada can be made easy by becoming a Non-Resident Importer (NRI)

Why become an NRI?

  • Being easier to do business with will lead to greater market penetration and increase sales in Canada
  • Provide customers with a total landed cost price for their purchases
  • Visibility throughout the supply chain is available by being in control of the entire fulfillment
  • Costs are reduced by consolidating orders that will minimize overall transportation and Customs brokerage charges
become an NRI and sell to Canada

How our services will help you sell to Canada:

Cross border consolidation

Reducing customs brokerage fees by consolidating

Our Chicago hub allows us to consolidate parcels and truck freight from your vendors throughout the United States. These shipments are bundled into one shipment and cleared through customs as one customs clearance. Combining parcel and truck freight into one consolidated shipment allows you to aggregate the entire weight of the shipment. Shipping and customs clearance costs decrease, due to economies of scale by paying for one clearance rather than multiple clearances. 

Personalized service

We assign each client to our knowledgeable integrated customs brokerage and logistics team. Our one-on-one relationship between you and our teams provides a greater understanding of your product and importing needs. This personalized relationship allows our team to spend the time to ensure they enter the clients’ information correctly. Simplifying the process of selling goods to Canada.

discussing selling to Canada
tracking customs clearance

Digital platforms to simplify selling to Canada

Our customs brokerage operating system provides a user-friendly view of customs release, reports, download of invoices and a view of your accounts receivable Ledger payments to CBSA. This system enables multiple methods of uploading customs data to save data entry time and improve accuracy. 

Our proprietary “Webship” program tracks the progress of shipments as they move your customers or provide a view of shipments consolidated in our Chicago hub. 

These shared, digital platforms keep everyone informed throughout the entire process, creating strong, long-lasting relationships.

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