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Having trouble finding available container space? We can help.

Finding available space on ocean freight forwarding steam lines has been a difficult obstacle for importers. The increased prices and limited space due to continued port congestion has caused capacity issues worldwide. Frontier, with the help of our oversea partners can help you find the best possible route into North America with available space.

A Freight Forwarding Service to Fit Your Needs

LCL & FCL Forwarding

Whether you’re shipping LCL or FCL, our team can help you find available container space. This allows you to optimize your global operations.

Frontier's Forwarding Process Into North America

We can consolidate your shipments in our Chicago warehouse and forward throughout North America. With our strategically placed locations, our western couriers can provide fast, last-mile delivery to your customers. 

Advanced Ocean Bookings

Frontier can book space for shipments in advance. This method allows us to secure the booking for you. Our Freight forwarders will help you avoid delays & cancellations due to the heavy congestion and equipment shortages at USA & Canadian ports.

Benefits of Freight Forwarding With Frontier:

Reduce Costs

Reduce the costs associated with LCL, import, export and buyer consolidation. Frontier offers quick fulfillment with affordable international ocean shipments. Our approach allows us to streamline all customs processing. The result is improved transparency and delivery times.  

Avoid Capacity Constraints

We maintain international partnerships which makes us proficient at finding solutions to capacity issues. These partnerships give us direct access to find the best available lanes for forwarding your goods to Canada. 

Last Mile Throughout North America

Frontier with our overseas partners can provide door to door, door to port, port to port service. We can offer last mile delivery service to over 800,000 postal codes throughout Canada.

Complete Visibility

Our tracking methods create reliability for clients and better predictability for ocean carriers. The result is faster service with complete visibility from pick-up to delivery.

Ocean Freight Forwarding

Find the best possible lane with available space on U.S. & Canada-bound ocean steamship lines.

Find the forwarding lane that's right for you.

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